The history of your favorite past-time game you probably didn’t know about!

Izabela Z., Writer

Started in 2009, for close to 11 years as of 2020, Minecraft has been a game that many people have had in their childhoods. That includes me. In Minecraft, your world is covered in blocks that you can build with, break, and craft. The game started off small, with a small amount of things you can do. It was just a flat block where you can run around and build, break, and punch entities. Later updates of the game enlarged the possibilities. You can explore, craft weapons, kill monsters, and much more!

The future of minecraft has been highly debated. Current updates that will happen are biome updates, adding more things to collect and explore in the game. Updates that were recently added are bees, which you can collect honey from. Another is Phantoms, which attack you when you don’t sleep for many days. A lot more subtle changes will be added, that will change the way you explore Minecraft forever. This is a video you can view to visualize what the game looked like from 2009-2019:

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