Sneaker Icons

Sneaker Icons

Cody Sparks, Blogger

Sneaker Icons

The history of sneakers has changed a lot in the past 10 years. It all started with the Jordan 1’s. They were made in 1985 when Nike took a risk and gave the rookie, Michael Jordan a signature shoe. Nike would continue to make Jordan’s, all the way up to Jordan 34’s. Besides the Jordan 1’s, the Jordan 11’s were also a very popular shoe. With original dropping in 1996 it would be retroed 3 more times. As Nike were making Jordans, Nike also signed a shoe deal with Kanye West. His signature shoe premiered in 2009. It would soon become one of the rarest shoes. Kanye West would only make a few more shoes with Nike.

It was in 2013 when Kanye would leave Nike and join Adidas. Adidas would soon become a comparator with Nike by releasing the Adidas yeezys 350’s. This would soon become a massive wave of Adidas leading the sneaker game. This only lasted for a few as the yeezy train slowed down. Which brought nike back to the top with many collabs with, Off White, Travis Scott and many other sneaker icons. 

During this time there was also a wave of chunky shoes known as dad shoes. Luxury brands such as Versace would make a start to enter the sneaker game. While never getting any traction it was mainly a way to show off social status.

Kanye West is one of the biggest names in the sneaker world. In the early 2010’s he was able to make any shoe hot. For example, the Jordan 1 breds. Also the yeezy brand is one of the most recognizable shoes next to the Jordan Brand. As the rise of sneakers were hitting it’s climax another subsection of clothing started to rise. Luxury clothing brands. With designers like Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil. These people became mainstream with their new take on fashion. Just like Kanye a few years earlier.

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