Lilly L., Writer


You know in minecraft that technically Turtle Helmets are just their shells of skin? Well, welcome back it’s Ross. Today we are talking about MINECRAFT and TURTLES. First of all, I just want to cover that I have a pet turtle, and his name is Jack. You don’t say it like Jack, you say it like Jaahck. You know, he’s a pretty cool dude so you gotta put his respect in the pronunciation. As I would like you to know that if you were to throw a fishing rod at somebody in the game from multiple people you could throw the target in the air.

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I love Minecraft because you know it’s like that one friend that’s always there for you when you feel like nothing. There’s everything from the simplicity of the game itself being made of blocks to how people can debate on whether or not it is more difficult to defeat the Wither or Ender Dragon. Well it is also a question if you were to ask me what the favorite part of the game is, I would say that it’s all about the structures that you can build. From everything once again to the village house to the Pillager Mansion. Yes I understand that some people call it by a different name but if i’m being honest I really don’t care about your opinion because im my own unique being with an opinion that cannot be changed in the slightest.