Personal Drawing Experiences


Amber D, Blogger

I love drawing. It’s something that I have always loved doing. I try my best to practice everyday, and try new mediums with new techniques. Granted I do have those bad days when everything I draw looks terrible. But I like to think that those days are there to help me improve, even though they can be very frustrating. Something that I do a lot, is constantly trying to learn more about art. What types of mediums are out there? How do you use them? What kinds of techniques can you do? Those questions have helped me expand the types of mediums I use. One type of new medium I’ve tried is oil pastel. I’ve used it before for school projects, but other than school, I never really used them for my art. Then one year for christmas, I got oil pastels. So I decided to start using them more since I now had my own. First, I wanted to see what you can do with them, so I looked for oil pastel tutorials on youtube. There were so many helpful tips and tutorials about them. I watched a lot of them and started practicing. Once I felt that I was comfortable with them, I decided to try one of the tutorials. The first one I tried was a tree branch art piece. The background was divided into three sections and each section was a different color with a gradient. With that art piece, I was able to learn about mixing and blending colors. That art piece made me fall in love with oil pastel, and now I use it for a lot of my work. One thing that I used pastel for was my yearbook cover design. I entered the yearbook cover contest and used oil pastels. I took the new techniques that I learned and applied them to my piece. I’ve also used pastel with drawings that I did of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. I love pastel and I think that it’s really fun to work with. I can blend, add texture, and mix colors with them.

At school, I signed up for extension art. That means that I have art all year round for one of my related arts periods instead of rotating each trimester. I really enjoy it and I’m learning a lot. In high school, I want to take some art electives to learn more about art, and what I can do to improve. I really enjoy drawing and I hope that the passion I have for it right now stays with me for the rest of my life.