Quarantine Activities: GAME NIGHT!!!

Justin Clapp, Writer

 During quarantine my family has decided to play a lot of games. We decided to play a lot of games because there are not many options on what else to do while trapped in a house. We have played so many games. I have five favorite games. Number one is Monopoly. I like Monopoly because it’s fun and I’m pretty good at it. My dad doesn’t like it though because he says it takes too long. Number two is the card games Hearts. I like Hearts because it is very strategic and entertaining to play. I am very good and win a lot. My third favorite game is Clue. I like Clue also because it’s a strategy game. You also never know who did it in what room with what weapon so you always have to make sure you’re correct because there are endless possibilities of what happened. My fourth favorite game is Sorry. I like Sorry because it can get nerve wracking when multiple people are about to win and you just need one card. And it’s a race to see who can get that card first. My fifth and final favorite game is Rummikub because it really makes you think about how you can move the tiles around so much just to lose one tile from your hand. It gets really exciting.