The secret life of fashion – the evolution of fashion

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Allyson Lopez, Writer

Fashion is big in today’s world. You see it everywhere on red carpets, online trends, stores, you name it. A question that has probably crossed everyone’s mind at least once is when did it first start ? Fashion designing goes all the way back to 1826. A man named Charles Frederick is believed to be the first fashion designer. That’s a big label to have in my opinion. In that time period artists were being hired to make patterns for garments and if the customer liked it they would place an order and then the stitching process would begin. Paris was the fashion capital during the 20th century, Meaning that’s where new designs started and then made their way across the world. Later on there were more choices of clothes and people started choosing their own style based on comfort rather than sticking with trends. This is more common now and I see people who dress depending on their mood or the place they’re going to attend. 

I’m going to list a few popular styles starting from the 1950-1968 to give an idea of how fashion evolved. In the 1950s wearing summer attire was the most popular clothes worn by women. Rompers and halter tops were just a few other examples of popular clothes back then. Moving on to the 1960-1961 matching coats and dresses was in. I personally don’t like matching tops and bottoms so I’m glad that it’s not so popular now. During Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s first time being first lady which was in 1962 everyone seemed to look at her as inspiration for style. Soon she made pillbox hats, strapless gowns, and elbow length gloves popular. Bow collars came into view during 1963 and bold colors joined in 1964. From 1965-1966 the mod movement took over for both men and women. They would often dress sharply or have outfits inspired by bands and music. The very popular mini skirts came in during 1967. I’m guessing once people get inspired to dress a certain way to represent something it’s a trend because in 1968 men’s fashion taste grew from the film bonnie and clyde.