The secret life of fashion – Do you know how your favorite trend started ?

Allsyon Lopez, writer

Every teen likes to hop on the latest clothes trend to seem cool or fit in. people love trends because they are included in a group with other people and it means you belong there.Another reason why fashion trends are so popular is because everyone gets to express themselves through it. whether it’s a meme or a celebrity wears it once it’s a trend everyone is looking for it in stores. Celebrities have somewhat of an impact on what their fans will buy since they’re like a role model. It helps companies with sales and gives some ideas to fashion designers of how it could help them improve their sales. No fashion trend stays for long; they’re always coming and going. It’s usually the latest fashion trend that takes over the old one. Fashion designers can start fashion trends by making a collection of clothes based on the season,music,culture, etc. 

  Writers, photographers, and designers rely on forecasts to try and predict the upcoming popular style, but it may not be so accurate since  Something made years ago that wasn’t successful could also be brought back and be the new thing everyone is obsessing about. This is another way trends are created. By taking old trends and changing a little to fit in the modern world. Sometimes old trends get brought back without change and are popular again.