Splat! Here are some Painting Tips that might help you out if you’re just starting off!!

Painting Starter Pack


This is a photo showing some of the supplies I started using when I started painting!

Samantha Alvarez, Writer

I would suggest that if you want to start painting then grab these things. Different types of paintbrushes, A few 8×10 canvases, The colors White, black, blue, green, yellow in paint. A palette and your all set! One thing for the canvases they don’t have to be 8×10! You can have them be any size your heart desires! I just said that because those are the ones I used when I started painting! Make sure to find a space that gives you a lot of space to spread out! I would suggest a table? If you don’t want to get the table dirty place a garbage bag on top! Or you can also use foil, store bags, and cardboard. There are many things you can do to keep that space clean. That should help you with a few paintings! You can also look up some inspiration! I like to look up easy paintings on Youtube and Google! I would say don’t copy them but instead use it as inspiration to get your creative mind flowing! Also don’t forget! Have fun! 🙂 Today I will be sharing a link that shows you to a brand of paints that can be found at Walmart. These are the paints I like to use! So hopefully you can find a few you like! https://www.walmart.com/c/brand/apple-barrel