Cloudy Cosplay – 2 accessories to take your cosplay to the next level!

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Savannah Lynn, Writer

Accessories are a crucial part of unique cosplay. There is nothing wrong with perfectly canon cosplay, but I suggest certain additions to make cosplays more personalized.


One accessory I highly recommend is a petticoat. Typically, the wig is the most eye-catching part of a cosplay. If you’re wearing the canon outfit, this can make the cosplay topheavy and uneven. Wearing a petticoat makes the skirt super fluffy, smoothing out the cosplay and making it more pleasing to look at. They also come in many designs and colors, so there’s one that matches every cosplay! 


Another great accessory is clips. You can use a ton, or use just a few, but hair clips break up the solid color of the wig. You can use any clips you want, but I suggest angel wing clips and butterfly clips. There’s millions of types you can use ones that go with the color scheme, or rainbow, or anything you’d like! Clips look good in all wigs but especially with long wigs it helps break up the (usually) solid color of the wig and add more visual interest. 


I hope you found this advice helpful and don’t feel pressured to buy these things if you don’t want to. Cosplay isn’t fun if your only goal is to impress others. Have fun cosplaying!