Lizette Caballero, Writer

At the start of the year we found out that there was a new virus going around the world (coronavirus). It has spread in every country, and millions of people have died from it. It was a complete shock to find out that there was a new virus spreading around. It changed everything.It cut off the last few months of school, we now have to wear masks everywhere, some of us now do online school, we have to social distance ourselves, at the start of corona we had to stay inside at all times, and no big events are allowed. Obviously there have been many people who have broken those rules. Like making big events or refusing to wear a mask because either you “can’t breathe in it” or “ it’s not a law” or “you can’t make me”. Many videos go around of people saying those things while in a public space with people. You need to have a mask everywhere you go, it’s a requirement. Things are slowly going back to normal now, from before corona even existed. There have been many conspiracies of what caused corona, it’d be kinda dumb to say that a person from china didn’t caused it because that is the story that the internet let out. But there have been conspiracies that the government planned this. I’m going to sound dumb saying this because of the extreme amount of coffee i’ve drank but it feels like Donald Trump might’ve made this virus. He knows his trumpies will do anything to vote for him and nothing will get in the way. And people in other parties are more careful for their health and won’t vote. That is a conspiracy I made, sounds crazy but not more crazy than 2020.