Call of Duty – The new meta in WZ vs MW

Jackson Field, Writer

 My favorite Meta is the new R9-0 shotgun with dragon breath rounds mainly because it’s 1 shot. Another great meta people still use is the Rytec explosive rounds. My second favorite is MP5 with 10mm even though they nerfed the 10mm it’s still pretty good. The most ANNOYING meta is probably the riot shield 725 to get this you need the perk overkill you usually see this in Shipment. Mr woot woot uses a meta called riot shield with a knife this is the second most annoying i think because nobody likes being killed with throwing knives or just a combat knife. This is all for multiplayer.


Now warzones meta is different. I still use this one meta called grab as many recons as you can. If you didn’t know, completing recons lets you know where the next zone is going to be. So if you grab enough you can find the last zone and when you do get there and camp in a building and wait for your prey. Another meta is finding the nearest loadout drop and camping it. As you sit there with your loadout you have to wait for the noobs who don’t look around. And as they grab their loadout you have to unload 27 rounds on them to make sure they’re dead. I hope this helps you in your next match of warzone/multiplayer.


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