Cloudy Cosplay – 3 great ways to style your wigs!

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Savannah Lynn, Writer

Wigs are often the most eye-catching part of a cosplay, but sometimes they don’t come looking exactly how you imagined they would. Here are three ways to style a wig.


Style #1 – Fluffy


This first method is for those who want a giant, fluffy wig. This ends up looking extremely bold and draws your attention to the wig the second you see it. This is also good if you want to put a lot of hair clips in. First, put the wig on a rounded surface or foam head. This helps you see what the wig will actually look like on your head. Start by teasing the entire wig. To tease the wig, take sections of hair and use a hairbrush to brush upwards. Once the whole wig is teased, I like to let it sit for 20 minutes. Brush the wig downwards, and repeat the teasing and brushing process until the wig is as fluffy as you want it. Remember to use hairspray so that the wig stays as is.


Style #2 – Cartoony


This style has thick, chunky streaks of hair purposely shaped to look like a cartoon. Start ,again, on a foam head or other rounded object. Teasing is optional but makes the streaks thicker and more cartoon-like. Start by taking a streak of the wig and using lots of hair gel to shape it into the desired design. Continue to do that with all the streaks, using hairspray on each one. Once the entire wig is shaped, spray with hairspray once again and enjoy.


Style #3 – Straight and smooth

If your wig arrives, and it’s too frizzy for your liking, use this method to make your wig smooth and sleek. For this method you will need a spray bottle and fabric softener. Put your wig on a foam head or other rounded surface and spray liberally with fabric softener. Leave the wig for 24 hours. The next day, brush through with a wig comb and enjoy your smooth wig.


I hope these methods helped you and have fun cosplaying!