Hip-Hop News-The Hip-Hop Charts

photo from the billboard website.

photo from the billboard website.

Emilio Garcia, Writer

Hello, welcome back  I am your host Emilio Garcia aka mufasa. And I am back with another topic to talk about and that is the billboard for hip-hop artists.

And with that said I am going to name the top 5 artists as well with their songs so you know who has that spot on the charts.  At number 5 we have What’s popping by Jack Harlow and with 21 million plays on youtube which is expected for a song with a good beat and lyrics. And at number 4 we have blinding lights by the WeekEnd with 233 million views on youtube. Which is very surprising of him to just come back into the scene with a big song. Next at the number 3 spot we have Rockstar by Dababy with 188 million views and 124,000 sales with his album. At number 2 we have laugh now cry later by drake with 86 million views on youtube but almost 1,000,000 sales. And at number 1 we have …. Wap  by Cardi b with 1800 million views in just 3 weeks.

Oh god  that was a good list of people that really deserve the attention.

Any way that wraps up this blog until next time.