Hip-Hop News-what you might have missed in the last 3 months

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Emilio Garcia, Writer

And It’s time for another post. I am your host Emilio Garcia and today we will be talking about who has gone on tour this year and when to find out if you missed out on a chance to see some rappers.

The first rapper we are going to talk about is Post Malone and his Runaway tour. He has been on tour all through july 2020 and he also almost all the concerts sold out of tickets. And it really makes me sad that I was not able to get tickets. The next rapper is one that has had a good year last year and this year and that is Dababy. He has been on tour through june 2020  and with him posting a new album a couple of months ago  I bet it was really really fun. And one of the most recent ones is The Weekend. And he has been on tour from july 11th and september 3. The same with Dababy science he has a single that is top in chats the shows must have been full and exciting.

With that I hope you found this helpful or at least entertaining. And until the next post and goodbye.