What’s going on in COD – My opinions on Cold War and Modern Warfare



Jackson Field, Writer

My opinions on Call of Duty modern warfare. I think this is the best game from infinity ward. Although Modern Warfare II was good I think they hit big with this Modern Warfare. I think they should keep updating this game instead of making a new game. My opinion about warzone is that the game could be better but right now it’s amazing because of the realistic stuff going on with the graphics. Overall Modern Warfare is really good for graphic quality and map. And with a risk of trying a battle royal game they did super good.


Now I have watched more into Black Ops Cold War and these are my thoughts. I think the graphics are poop compared to other games. I think they didn’t even try with this game because there isn’t even a GUNSMITH!!! They thought they could get away with not even trying but nobody likes how it looks. To be honest it looks like a mobile game because of the graphics. They need to work on it a little more before sending it out to the public. But I like the idea of riding boats. Also they brought back the swimming thing. That’s all I got but good luck in your next games and don’t forget to secure Alpha Bravo and Charlie in you next multiplayer.


Link for image: https://images.app.goo.gl/KtET34xNCNUeMegb7