Splat! Here are some Painting Tips that might help you out if you’re just starting off!!

Blending Acrylics



My own photo from a painting I did.

Samantha Alvarez, Writer

Hello Guys! Today I will be going over on how I like to blend acrylic paints on the canvas! First of all grab the colors you’re going to use to blend! Pour some on a pallet and place a very tiny amount of water on it. This will make the process of blending easier. Grab your first paint and start at the top. Start painting vertically but slowly make your way down the canvas. When you want to start with your other color, clean your brush with some water, and place some paint on your brush. Keep going from where you ended with the other color. Go vertically and make sure to make you way down the canvas and not up it! When you finish covering the whole canvas clean your brush and make your way towards where the two colors combine. Run your brush vertically across where the two colors start to combine. This will make your blending look smoother. If you would like to, place a very small amount of white and blend. I will paste a video that hopefully helps you out if your going to start blending.  I hope that this helped you at least a bit! Like I said in my last Post, don’t stress too much over it. It will take time. Just try your best and again, Have fun with it! 🙂 For today I will be sharing with you guys a link that leads you to a art supplies store that sells some nice canvases/ paints to use!