Enter The Wild Kingdom-How They Interact


Blaize Balman, Writer

     I have noticed that most animals see each other as competition whether it’s with their own species or with others. For example the squirrels in our backyard will try to scare each other away, there are dominant squirrels and ones that better listen to the bigger mammal. Sometimes they will make a deep, almost like a growling sound in their throats to try and warn other animals that this is their area. If that is not enough then they simply nip the other this seems to always work. I  have never seen them fight aggressively for food. I am not saying they won’t, but I have not seen it yet. Other squirrels are not their only competition, I have noticed that they scare the chipmunks that come to eat, and they are always trying to get rid of the birds.

     At first the squirrels were scary but the chipmunks soon realized the squirrels were simply bluffing. So they started helping themselves to the food as well. But it’s not just my backyard that faces competition. 

    Animals fight for food, mates, and to protect themselves. Some species would rather run and hide such as rabbits that would have no interest in trying to win over their killer. You might be thinking that running is an obvious choice for a prey animal but there are some prey animals that don’t care if there is danger nearby,  they have a special way of protecting themselves such as skunks that can spray a stinky gas. Most of the time animals will not bond with another species. But in some cases animals will find a fondness towards another. They create a bond that no human can understand.