Splat! Here are some Painting Tips that might help you out if you’re just starting off!!

My first painting!


Photo from my first ever painting!

Samantha Alvarez, Writer

 So I hope that my tips have been helping you out! Today I will be talking about my first ever painting. My first painting was a sunset with shadows in forms of a cactus. I started off by gathering my colors, I gathered red and yellow. I also got my paintbrush and a paper plate, since I barely had any supplies back then. I got my colors ready and mixed a lot of yellow paint with a small amount of red paint. Therefore making orange. I started at the top with red and made my way down the canvas. When I felt like I got far down enough I started blending my orange paint with the red, and made my way down the canvas vertically.When I got to the bottom I started to add my yellow. I blended it with the orange and made my way down vertically all the way down to the bottom of the canvas. When I finally finished I let it all dry. After the drying process I started making the shapes of my cactus with black paint. I then painted the cactus fully so you could see the whole shape. I Then let it all dry since it was the final step. When it all dried I was done! I made sure to clean up my supplies and wash my brushes! I hope that you found this story interesting, thanks for stopping by! Oh I forgot! I will be pasting a link where you can gt some supplies, or where I like to buy my supplies/canvas.