halo 5 or halo infinite


Axel Perez Capote, Writer

THE NEW HALO GAME FINALLY I WILL WAIT FOR THE TO COME OUT IM VERY HAPPY YES.But ill tell you the 6 other halo games first there’s reach good HD quality like the story but unhappy about the end very unhappy it made me sad but enough said let’s continue.Halo combat evolved.The beginning were john 117 or other name master chief that’s his actual name but his real name is john and the game was from xbox but a very old very not the new ones but it was release on november 15 2001 its old then me im was born 5 year ahead wow but enough about me but halo Franchise is grow in 2 and 3 same thing but 2 and 3 different story but 4 continues with halo 5 and HOLY MOLY THE ENDING well there’s 3 there is 2 bad endings and 1 good ending its very cool tho.