The Best Band Ever!

My top 3 Music choices

Devin Jurich, Writer

 I love slayer mostly because it is pretty heavy. It isn’t very boring either and it relieves stress. I love listening to slayer while reading because it keeps me entertained for the boring parts of the book I’m reading. I also love to listen to it slayer while doing homework or just anything in general. 

I don’t think that the albus from Slayer are school appropriate so I will list the top 3 albums but the year they were made. My favorite album was made in 2001 and I liked it because it relived stress and helps me focus on my work in classes more. Plus I love the beat to every song and in all I think it is a fun album. 

My 2nd favorite album was made in 2006 and when I first heard it it blew me away. I love the rhythm and the lyrics to all of the songs. I love listening to this album in the car and this album is also a fun album.

My 3rd and final favorite album was made in 1996. For some reason it makes me feel like it is lighter but still heavy with the lyrics. It is a nice album but not my favorite. Overall it was a fun album just like the past two and is definitely in my top 3. I like all their albums but I’ve listened to the others way too much so they are not on my top three but I love each and every album in their own way.