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Promotional poster for Haikyuu!

Promotional poster for Haikyuu!

Faith Kildew, writer

Hello weebs and beginner weebs! I know that some people reading this are trying to get into anime and find some really good ones that they like. Since I have been watching anime for a while, I might have some good recommendations. 

One of my favorite anime is Haikyuu! It follows a kid named Shoyo Hinata and he looks up to a famous volleyball player. He plays volleyball all throughout middle school, accumulating a really good jump. Once he gets into his dream high school, he immediately signs up for the volleyball team. Once he gets to practice, he sees another kid who he had preexisting beef with, Tobio Kageyama. Kageyama is a jerk to Hinata, and he sees that as sort of a challenge, so he and Kageyama do a one on one practice game, knocking off the vice principal’s toupee in the process. The captain sends them outside of the gym until they can become real teammates. If this intrigues you, I think you should watch Haikyuu!