Basics of Fortnite

Steven McDermott, Writer

You’re on the battle bus and you need to jump off of it. You jumped off the battle bus and now you’re gliding towards land thinking to yourself about a goal goal? WIN! Once you land, you look for a weapon and shield potions. Find more about shield potions go to paragraph 2. You picked up an A.R and some ammo from a chest you just opened. You saw another weapon on the floor and decided to pick up the pump shotgun and ammo for it. In the next house, you found 2 small shield potions and used them. You’re at 50/100 shield health. You are good on ammo for a little bit but the storm is coming and you have no more heals! You decide to run to the circle but keep in mind that there are other players alive, if you accidentally run into another player, fight your way out unless you’re very low health and need to avoid the fight.

There are different colors/rarity’s witch also applies how good the weapon is but the color does not apply to the weapon design but instead you’ll have to buy the design or as the game calls it ‘wraps’ or earn it from the battle pass but we’ll get into the battle pass in the next paragraph. I’ll make a list of the different colors/rarity’s name’s, meaning and how good the weapon is. The list you’re going to read is in order from worst to best.
Grey/common – The worst weapon rarity you can use, does the lowest damage and doesn’t spawn in chests.
Green/uncommon – Better than common weapons, does a tiny bit more damage, can spawn on the ground and in chests but still one of the weakest rarity and more accurate than common r.
blue/rare – The stronger weapons, much better than uncommon weapons, does a little bit more damage than uncommon weapons and only spawns in chests.
Purple/Epic – much more accurate than rare weapons, more damage than rare weapons, only spawns in chests and air drops.
Orange/Legendary – Much more accurate than epic weapons, more damage than epic weapons, only spawns in chests and air drops.
Gold/Mythic – Better than all the other rarity’s and can only get it by killing the boss who only uses it.