The Second Best Music Choice

My top 3 Music Choices

Devin Jurich, Writer

 I first heard Logic whilst my Brother and I were In the car. I forgot where we were going but I remember it surprised me because I didn’t know he listened to rap. Then I started listening to Logic myself and thought he was pretty good and that is why he is in my top 5. 

My top 3 albums of his start with Bobby Tarantino II. I love listening to this album while in the car or just anywhere. I love the lyrics and messages in his songs because he does a really good way of telling you about something while keeping you entertained. 

My 2nd favorite album would have to be no pressure. It was released on my brothers birthday this year and it surprised the both of us. He has good messages in his album from recent events to past events. You either love him or you hate him but no matter what he will always have fans.

My 3rd and final album would have to be Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. It was my very first album of his that I heard. Again he had past messages that are still relevant to today. He does chang in every album and I think thats okay. This album is inspirational meanwhile still keeps you entertained and happy. I don’t usually like inspirational songs because they are not always realistic.