Splatfests and Me Part 2

This is Part 2 of my history with Splatfests.


Note: This is an alternate au meaning this is not their main teams.

Christian Tangonan, Write

Just to recap what a splatfest is, its an event that will randomly be announced in game, or on media. When you pick your splatfest team, you will be playing turf war matches that will make you fight against the other team, and the team with the most points in the splatfest when it ends wins. First Splatfest that I won a 100x battle was in the Final Fest, Chaos vs Order. I chose order because of how cool its gear looked. This was around July 2019.The Splatfest that I broke my losing streak on, and having a good amount of 10x battles won was the rematch of Trick vs Treat splatfest. I chose Team Treat again because not only because of the same reason in Number 3, but my online friends, Calliemari, Tommy, Jordan, and Celeste were on Team Treat as well. My history with splatfest is pretty good and I’m hoping Nintendo does some more rematches of some certain splatfests in the future.