Art Supplies Screaming To Be Used

Art and Its Beauties

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Cydelle Tovar, Writer

The kind of art that I do is with paints and stuff. The paints that I have used in the past are mainly acrylic paints because they are affordable and they work well. Although a con about acrylic paint is that they dry quickly. So I find it hard to blend colors together. But you’re supposed to build up the paint.

I recently started painting with oil paints because I heard good things about it and literally every artist that I’ve seen uses them. My first impression of them was that they smelt nasty. It just smelled weird to me and I think that just a thing with oil paints. I don’t know if it has to do anything with it being made with linseed oil, I’m not sure. But when I actually use them, they are really soft. Like really creamy and soft. Like I used my finger to paint because I didn’t want to use a brush, and it felt really soft and smooth. I was very surprised because it wasn’t like anything I’ve used before. And just a tip, a little goes a long way. I didn’t need a ton which was a relief because I had the tiny tubes but I squeezed out a medium sized blob and filled everything I needed. A con about oil paints is that they are expensive which mainly has to do ith the pigments and stuff in it.

There are also watercolor paints and palettes. I haven’t tried watercolor paints but I do have water color palettes and I think they are the most fun out of the three that I’ve listed. You can really do anything with watercolor. You can do really anything with all of thm, I just like watercolor a lot. The watercolor palettes seem pretty self explanatory, just dip your brush in a cup of water and then into the color you want. 

That’s also another thing you’ll need if you want to paint or get into that stuff is brushes. I feel like it’s okay if you get bad, cheap brushes when you’re first getting into it because you’ll learn that those aren’t the best. Go for brushes made of hog hair for oil paints and/or acrylic paint. The bristles are tough which is good for that type of painting. Synthetic brushes are best for all mediums basically, made from nylon fibers. Pony hair brushes are good for watercolor, acrylic, tempera, etc.

Other supplies you would need would probably be pencils, pens, markers, paint markers, or whatever you want to draw with. Also canvases, or a sketch pad. I usually sketch out my drawing with pencil on my canvas and then paint it in. Also to clean your brushes, paint thinner works.