how to get your music on spotify,apple music etc



Collin Canela, writer

You can do this for free. I use an app from the app store and it works. The app has options, the tab with the dollar sign has a payment method to get money from paypal. The third tab is the best tab because this is how you distribute your music. oh wait you half login first you do that by putting your email etc.Then You press on new release there should be a title subhead that’s where you put your title. Next is an image for your song cover. You can’t just put any photo you want unless it’s between 1000×1000 px to 6000×6000 px the size of your imagination cover .

Then you want to add your track which is going to be hard. So first you have an app to sing  on then after you want to share your song to google drive. Then it has to be a flac or wav file in order to put in your track. Once you do that you put your genre of music.You press the next button on the top right. Then its just common sense from there.