Is it really worth getting?

All About The New PS5

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Vadim Spitsyn, Writer

Now that you know all the important info about the PS5, should you get it? This question cannot be answered because it is up to you! There are two versions. The first and most popular version is the normal PS5. And the other version is the digital version. The only difference is that it is only digital, meaning that you can only play games digitally, not with a disc. The standard version costs $499 and the digital is $399. The PS5 is not cheap, but is it worth the money?

If you feel like you are going to play on it everyday, then sure, go ahead. Personally, if I had the money to get one right now, I would for sure get it. If you decide to get it and become a PS Plus member, you will receive 20 free games. Some of these games are Fallout 4, Days Gone, God of War, and way more. So yes, I think it is worth it.