Games Can Help You Socialize

Why Video Games are Fun



Isaac Alvarez, Writer

Many video games have a feature where you can talk to people online. You need a headset with a microphone in order to do this. Many games like COD or Fortnite require communication with one another to play at full potential. Although it’s not bad to not communicate with others, it is more fun to do so. Many games have communications skills called call outs. For example, there could be a guy next to me trying to run at me, so I would say,” There’s a guy next to me pushing me!” There are many more callouts in games that are advanced. It is not bad to not know advanced call outs. All you need to know are simple ones.

Communicating doesn’t have to be all about call outs. It can be as simple as starting a conversation with someone and just keep talking to them. Communicating and talking to others online can help you communicate with people in person. I used to feel uncomfortable talking to people in person because I had poor communication skills. I started to talk to friends online and my communication skills got better. I started to learn to initiate conversations and keep them going. Although I don’t have perfect communication skills, they have increased.