How They Can Make a Career For You

Starting to Make A Name For Yourself


Isaac Alvarez, Writer

Many people want to become professional gamers. Most want to do a thing called streaming. Streaming is when you broadcast your gameplay live to others. People can join your stream and watch you play whatever game you choose to play. Most people that want to make a career out of it play competitively. Such as playing in tournaments that you can win cash in. It takes a lot to win tournaments.

Many people want to achieve this and practice every day to try and win tournaments. People play competitive game modes or join custom games to practice playing competitive. Some tournaments give up to over 5k to first place winners. Playing competitive can also help make new friends. You can meet people that you play good with and start earning money. People also do things such as wagers.

Wagers are going against other people for money. Some wagers are done alone and with friends. Wagering other players can be good to start to play for money and getting practice against players of your own skill.