Top 3 Mysterious Places not to visit

The Top 3 Mysterious Mysteries in the World

Many people are so interested in this place, in where many people think this area contains aliens. Does this area really contain aliens? Area 51 is a U.S military base that is located in southern Nevada. It is often used to test any experimental aircrafts or any military weapons. During this decade, there were many rumors that the government uses it to house crashed UFOs and conduct lab tests on aliens. Other theories about what Area 51 is used for is to research on time travel, research on teleportation, meetings with extraterrestrials. Many people have visited Area 51, and tried to figure out what was behind Area 51, but nothing is being found. Yet people still don’t know what actually happens in Area 51.

The Overtoun Bridge somehow seems to call the dogs to jump causing death, but why? The Overtoun Bridge is located in Dumbargation, Scotland. This bridge had been done with construction in 1895. Since 1960, 50 dogs have been perished and, over 100 dogs have jumped and survived. The Scottish Society has sent representatives to find the Science behind this but nothing hasn’t been found yet. Many theories explain this bridge is haunted due to a local man throwing his baby son on the bridge in 1994. Still no one knows why this is happening to dogs.

The mysterious triangle has been called out several times, but do people really know where it is and what happens? The Bermuda triangle is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. This region is between Florida and Puerto Rico. Bermuda is filled with mystery and is also known as the Devil’s Triangle. Over the years. Many ships and aircrafts are said to have vanished out of thin air. There were many investigations trying to figure out this mystery but nothing has been said yet.

Overall, these mysteries are really deep and knowledge to find out why these places are so mysterious. We might not be able to solve this mystery, but we can investigate and research more about these places. So, always remember to look out and research the place you are going to because you never know if it’s haunting.