Different Gaming Systems

Photo courtesy of: www.Frebootsmart.com

Photo courtesy of: www.Frebootsmart.com

Finnegan Keegan, Writer

There are many different systems but I like Playstation the best. Other popular systems are Xbox and Nintendo. Another one that might not be considered a gaming system is a PC or a computer/laptop. They are really good because you can play pretty much any game and you can use a mouse and keyboard if you want. You can also use a controller too. Almost all of them have many different systems. 

Like Playstation has 5 different consoles and Xbox has many different ones too. Xbox has many different consoles but they are all similar. Some downsides to having an Xbox is that you have to put batteries in the controller so if you don’t have batteries you can’t play. However, for the Playstation you can play with your controller plugged into the console so you never have to run around trying to find batteries.

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