Why I love and watch Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy



Natalia Gutierrez, Writer

My favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy. Now a lot of people don’t want to watch it because of how long it is. Personally I didn’t want to watch it at first because of how long it was, but watching it was definitely not a mistake. Grey’s Anatomy is not just a show of doctors in a hospital. They talk and bring awareness to big and important topics in today’s world.

 For example some of the things they have talked about are domestic abuse, mental health, gun violence, alcoholism, racism, substance abuse, and bias. These are just some of the things Grey’s has brought light to. They are also trying to talk more about important topics this season such as police brutality, and Covid-19. Of course they have also talked about illnesses and brought them awareness. Some of the most talked about illnesses are Alzheimer’s, OCD, mania, and, PTSD. 

Now that you see that Grey’s Anatomy is more than a show of doctors running around in a hospital I want to tell you that you should go watch Grey’s Anatomy. I love Grey’s Anatomy and have rewatched it so many times. Grey’s is a medical drama with relationships that will have you falling in love, characters that will become real to you, and a family that you become part of. Also a plus is that you basically go through med school after watching 17 seasons of Grey’s!