Characters that deserve more appreciation

Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith, commander of the scouts. Picture from

Brenda Guadalupe, Writer

In my opinion, I think that there are a lot of characters who deserve a lot more recognition in Attack on Titan. Erwin Smith is a great example. Erwin is the commander of the scouts, the one who comes up with the plans of what to do when they go outside of the walls. He has led many soldiers to death, lost an arm during an expedition and was almost killed by the government, all while trying to achieve his dream. He has risked himself and others and he still doesn’t get as much recognition as he deserves. Even side characters that were there for less than 10 episodes are talked about more than him, like Marco. Don’t get me wrong though, Marco was important for Jean’s character development but I think Erwin deserves more appreciation.

Another example is Ymir. A lot of people just see her as Historia’s lover and don’t pay attention to how sad her backstory is and how interesting of a character she is. Ymir was brought into a cult dedicated to worshiping Ymir and was given the name “Ymir.” Once the truth was revealed, that she didn’t have royal blood in her, there were many consequences. Those consequences ruined her whole life, and others died because of the truth being revealed too. Ymir’s life was ruined by lies, lies others made up. I think Ymir is a really interesting character and she should be seen as her own character, separate from Historia.