Fun Fighting Games

Different Video Games


Josh Gonzalez, Writer

Some fighting games that are out there are Mortal Kombat, but there are also fighting games that use weapons like C.O.D (Call Of Duty), R6 (Rainbow 6 Siege), and Fortnite. Some of my favorite fighting games are R6 and Fortnite, They are both good and competitive games to play. 

In R6 you are either defending or attacking. The attackers have to defuse the bomb in the building or kill the other team. The defense team needs to stop the attackers from defusing the bomb or they kill all the attackers. 

In Fortnite when you ready up into the game you have to jump out of a flying bus to a location. Each location has loot to use to kill the other players. There is also building in the games so when you get shot at you can build to protect yourself. Last one standing get the Victory Royal.