Which Harry Styles album is your fav?


Photo from https://www.musicweek.com/talent/read/i-had-the-freedom-to-make-what-i-wanted-harry-styles-talks-fine-line/078345

Scarlet Savers, Writer

Harry Styles has made 2 albums in the past from his hiatus from One Direction. “Harry Styles” and “Fine Line” are two gorgeous albums. I think of “Fine Line” more of a Malibu, California type of vibe and “Harry Styles” of a New York city vibe. 

“Fine Line” the song is very meaningful to me, and “Fine Line” the album has very unique songs. But I think “Harry Styles” has more creativity to it and has this big meaning to it being his first single album and the song in general has more meaning to him. So I personally think “Harry Styles” is a better album but the “Fine Line” is still very good and unique. Some of my favorite songs on the album are “Ever Since New York”, “From The Dining Table”, and “Women”.