World Records for World at War Zombies

World Record for Nacht Der Untoten World at War


Alexis Marinez, Writer

One of the most bland maps but it’s one of the first ever map, this map is interesting because it’s one of the smallest map in the whole franchise for call of duty and of course the first map, it has to be almost the  bugest map in my opinion.

Calabuth the first person who went to round 1000 in Nacht. The reason people can get this far is because how many zombies are limited in solo which is only 24 per round and a big factor is insta kill rounds what this is. In round 163 the zombies health gets so high that it reset back to round 1 health this happens because there is an integer overflow. This signed 32 bit integer can contain values between -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 so when the zombies health try to go above 2,147,483,647 it would cause a overflow, when this happens it wouldn’t cause an error it just goes into the incorrect value.

Jim4495 was the person who took Calabuth place which he went 200 above Calabuth  record. What Jim4495 did differently is that he played more consistently then Calabuth and he stayed in the starting room which as the most space and can move around the zombies more easily and Jim4495 didn’t make that many mistakes as Calabuht 

Abu Shreef Probably the best world at war zombies player there is, he took Jim4495 which he had the round 1276 while Abu Shreef got to round 2019 without having to see any sketchy moments in his. Abu Shreef can’t play fast as others but he can play consistently, He did what Jim4495 did but with no mistakes almost for the whole game, How he did is that he just stopped 

Cruppz is the world record holder for this map and got to round 5262 while he doubled 2nd place and he played differently. Instead of going up stairs and going to the mystery box and having the door in the starting room closed, Camping at the starting room will have one less spot the zombies can come, What he did differently is that he opened the help door. He camped by the mystery box.