Why you should listen to Trippie Redd

picture from https://jenstrogatz.com

picture from https://jenstrogatz.com

Melissa Orozco, Writer

In my last post, I explained how Trippie Redd is a popular rapper, I will now explain why i like him! Trippie Redd is one to express his feelings with writing music. He writes music to escape reality, like many other artists do. Many songs that he has released have been about past relationships and about moments in his life. Trippie has helped so many people with their life problems and for many, he has saved their lives. He also has inspired so many of his fans to start their own music career.

Trippie Redds songs are incredibly catchy. He doesnt write about fake stuff, its all based off of his own life and or life experiences. He has a passion for his work and dedicates his everything to keep on working to succeed more and more with his career, and it shows. He has gone far with his music, but he will get even farther soon


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