World Record for Verrcukt (World at War)

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Alexis Marinez, Writer

I’m going to talk about the World records for Verrcukt the second edition map for World at War Zombies it added 4 new Perks-a-Colas Bottles, Juggernaut, Speed Cola, Quick Revive, and Double Tap, But even having Perks this map could be almost the hardest map in zombies pf how tight the corridors, Super sprinters and of how laggy World at War can be zombies can technically grab you and not just slap you.

In the strategy for it where you camp in this really tight place, where you camp is by the windows. rebuilding is apart the strat so zombies cant go thru but sometimes the zombies can go through all the barricades which is one of the reason that people die. You need to keep them alive so the trap can recharge because the trap can instantly kill the zombies on any round, there is also a insta-kill round which in 163 the zombies health get so high that it turns into round 1 health this happens because the integer overflow so if it gets any higher then 2,147,483,647 then the number will go negative no matter what so it goes to a normal round to a insta kill round then it goes back and forth.

Now we know the basic of this map I can show the history for this map. One of the first world records for Verrcukt was 148 from Nelwyn he was the first person to get higher than round 100 in this map and the person who set the ground down for more strategies. He started on jug side and opening all the way to power which you have to open 3 doors to get power and far as to speed which is to another 2 doors away. This limits the spawns for zombies which they spawn in every map pretty much making the map safer. With all this information Cruppz the player that has the world record he started his game on November 8th. At first he wanted to go to round 100 as fast as he can but he didn’t get but for some reason he kept playing then he saw himself in the thousands, So he just kept going until he got to round 1817, the previous world record, and after that he got to round 2172, which took 30 hours and 40 mins of in game time.