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Melissa Orozco, Writer

In my first post, I explained some of Trippie Redds most popular songs. I am now going to explain some of my personal favorite songs. Since Trippie has quite a few albums, I will be naming a couple songs from each album. Starting off with the “Life’s a Trip”Album, my favorites are probably “Together”, “Shake it up” and “Dark Night Dummo”. The next song is “In too Deep” from the “A Love Letter to you 2″ album.”Love Scars” is my favorite off of the “A Love Letter to you” album. “Toxic waste”, “Can’t Love” and “I tried loving” are all some of my favorite songs off the “A Love Letter to you 3” album. The next album is “A Love Letter to you 4” album. My favorite songs are “Leray” “Love me more” and “6 Kiss”. “Pegasus” is the next album and my favorite songs are “Personal Favorite” and “Weeeeee” . Last but certainly not least, “NEON SHARK vs Pegasus” is his most latest. My current favorite song from this album is “Pill Breaker” .

There are many reasons why these are my favorite songs. One of the reasons why is that the beat to them is just so good and I can get so hyped up so fast. Another reason is the lyrics. The lyrics just hit and just how they are sung, it’s just amazing! Trippie also puts a lot of work into his music and it shows and pays off! The lyrics are all so original and he also has a good flow to his voice and it all just sounds extremely incredible!