Therapeutic method

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Therapeutic method

Arianna Gaona, Writer

Taking pictures of things, scenery or people is kind of like a stress reliever. If I am ever overthinking too much to the point I’m stressing myself out, I would take my phone and go outside to distract myself until I wasn’t so stressed anymore. Maybe it’s just me but finding things that I find interesting, sometimes help calm me down whenever I need a break since I am doing a hobby that I like to do and I am not being asked or forced to do it.

Doing things that you like to do, no matter what it is could be ways to help you relax. Being able to see scenery through a phone and just capturing the moment is mesmerizing and it is so beautiful to be able to just look back at. Especially when it comes to flowers, there are only so many flowers that look like that one flower so when I take pictures, it helps reassure me that not everything is so stressful and that not everything is complicated.

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