Dramatic Guidelines for Humans

Helping with the basics of art


Taken By me

Logan Sill, Writer

So guidelines can sometimes be hard to draw but all it is breaking down your vision of your drawing into shapes. For a human it is easy to break it down. First you have to make sure that you know their pose and you have to draw a circle or an oval for the head. Second you are going to need to draw a line for the neck and then draw circles for shoulders. Then connect the neck and the shoulders with a mostly straight line. After that you are going to need to draw 2 lines per arm and connect them with circles. For the hands just draw squares or a circle where they are. In the next step the torso will need to be added with a straight line down the middle and make it so that it isn’t so long it should be about 2-3 times the size of the head.

Next we are going to add the hips. For this we will have to draw a semi straight line for it and the line should be only a bit shorter than the shoulders. Then where the legs are going to connect we will draw circles. Then for the legs draw two straight lines like we did with the arms and connect them with a circle where the knee should be. For the feet right now draw a rectangle for where you want the feet to be facing. Then that should be good for the basic guidelines. Thanks for reading.