La La Land review



Daneida Ramirez , Writer

La La Land is based on two characters and their careers in Los Angeles, a pianist and an actress destined to meet each other. But as they become more successful they struggle with maintaining both their relationship as well as their dream at the same time. As you read the rest of this beware of the spoilers that may be said, It is important to watch the movie before reading this review. 

This movie genuinely is a piece of art, I especially love how it doesn’t just give us the perspective of one but of two. We get to see both of the character’s lifestyles and what they think, it’s like getting two different stories. Although they didn’t end up together by the end of the movie, it’s a very realistic love story. From the directors to the casting of this movie it really is a one of a lifetime experience. I know not many are fans of romantic musicals. This movie I definitely recommend to anyone as it is mesmerizing. 

Mia Dolan (played by Emma Stone) is an actress out in Los Angeles auditioning for every role she can find. I felt as if this role was meant for Emma Stone to play, her acting in this movie is incredible. It made me feel as if I knew what her emotions were in specific situations during the movie. 

Sebastian Wilder (played by Ryan Gosling) is a pianist out in Los Angeles. He’s a very huge fan of jazz, his goal is to make more people love jazz as much as he does. Ryan Gosling played this role amazingly, he really captured every scene perfectly with his great acting skills. 

I recommend this movie to anyone of any age, it truly is an outstanding movie.