Best Shows on Netflix Right Now!

All About Netflix

Vanessa Gonzalez, Writer

There are so many shows to watch on Netflix. When I say so many shows I mean it. You get everything from sci-fi to reality tv to drama. But when it comes to the best shows on there it shortens that list of all the shows by a lot! Personally I go for the drama side of all the shows but sometimes I try some new shows. I’m just here to tell you the best shows I have watched because that list is relatively short.

The first show is Grey’s Anatomy, I know you can watch it on other platforms like Hulu and even stream it on your tv but its on Netflix and that’s all that matters. Grey’s Anatomy is a medical drama show that consists of 17 seasons as of now. This show hits on a lot of topics in the real world that are important to talk about. For example, the 17th season which is still airing now is talking about Covid-19. This show also has a lot of representation with a lot of lgbt characters, african-american characters, and hispanic/latino characters.

To get to my second show it’s basically a spin-off to Grey’s, it’s called Private Practice. If you loved Addison Montgomery on Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice is her move to Los Angeles. This show doesn’t have as much representation or show more real time things but its still just as good!

Next Show is Ginny and Georgia, it’s a more recent show since it just came out in March 2021. This is a good show because of how much suspense there is at the end of each episode. Also the storyline with Ginny and her family is so good. Omg!! I have probably rewatched this show 5 times in the past month.

Another show I wanted to talk about was The Umbrella Academy, it’s more on the sci-fi side I think. This show is one where I would generally skip but when you get more into the show it’s good. All of the effects they have in the last episode of season 1 is really good. I also love how the storyline goes with this show too. All of these shows are really good to watch and personally the best shows on the app.