3 Of The Most Scariest Serial Killers

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John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise Trailer Brings Killer ...https://collider.com › john-wayne-gacy-devil-in-disguis...

John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise Trailer Brings Killer …https://collider.com › john-wayne-gacy-devil-in-disguis…

Cesar Hernandez, Writer

Imagine an 18 year old man killing and molesting people you would think it’s crazy at such a young age right? In Wisconsin 1978 there was a man named Jeffrey Dahmer who started killing  and molesting at age 18. He was later arrested in the year 1991 and would later escape to lead  police officers to his home where they found pictures of damaged bodies and pictures of body parts scattered across the apartment. He even had acid to dispose the victims in  total he had killed 17 people most of them being colored. He went to prison 2 times the first time for molestation and the  2nd for murder. In 1994 he had finally died, he was killed by an inmate.   

Are you afraid of clowns? Because this case is going to make it worse. In 1978 there was a man who worked as a construction worker and even acted as a clown for birthday parties his named was John Wayne Gacy. Gacy was under suspicion when a 15 year old boy went missing and he was the last person the boy was with. A lot of families have also blamed Gacy for missing children. But this was the first time authorities took the problem serious. A search warrant granted access to the police and they entered Gacy’s home where they found 30 bodies buried in a four foot crawl space   under his home. He was convicted of 33 murders and an addition to that he was also convicted of rape and torture. In 1994 Gacy was executed by lethal injection. 

In 1972 there was a man named Harold Shipman who was known as Dr.Death. He is known as that because he killed 250 people. He was a doctor who practiced in London. He had worked in 2 offices from the year 1972-1998 he was killing all he wanted. He wasn’t even close to being caught until people starting reporting seeing him do suspicious things. It got more suspicious when an undertaker was surprised by the number of cremation certificates Harold was a part of. What is more suspicious is most of the cases Shipman was a part of were mostly elderly women who were found dead in bed but not at night they were all found dead during the day. Because the police mishandled the investigation, Shipman kept killing until he started to get greedy and thought it would be a good idea to kill a victim that named him beneficiary. Which led the victim’s daughter to become suspicious. 2000 he was finally convicted and while he was in prison he committed suicide in 2004.