Thoughts on The Neighborhood

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Thoughts on The Neighborhood

Carolina Lopez , Writer

I don’t see many people talking about The Neighborhood despite how some of their songs got really popular like “Sweater Weather.”  It’s honestly disappointing seeing that because their music is genuinely so good and I love it. I have been listening to them for a while now so I might be biased but I genuinely do think they deserve more recognition. My personal favorites are probably “Wires” and “High all the time.”  I don’t feel like those songs are talked about very much but I definitely do recommend listening to those. 

Their music reminds me of Arctic Monkeys which I don’t see many people talking about either despite how many of their songs are also popular. If you like Arctic Monkeys you’ll probably enjoy The Neighborhood and vise versa.  A few of their songs are really popular on social media like TikTok and other platforms. I definitely recommend listening to their albums. Their songs just flow well and I like most of their lyrics. 

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