Drawing A Dragon head. Join you Must

Helping with the basics of art.


Logan Sill, Writer

Alright so to start or draw a circle near the middle right of the page. Then draw a rectangle to indicate where the snout will be and divide it horizontally down the middle. Make sure it faces the left side for the most room. Then make the top of the left corner of the snout to connect with the top ⅓ of the circle with a diagonal line. Then round the end of the mouth with a half circle. Then connect the line from the snout and circle around the top of the head to the bottom of the snout. Do that as a curved line. Then erase the first circle and the guidelines in the snout except for the middle line. Now you should have the basic shape of the head. 

Next you will want to indicate where the eye will be. It should be around the top middle of the head. Then mark the eyebrow over it. The eyebrows should go over the top of the head but only slightly. After that to make the lower eyelid draw a curved line that is the same length as the eyebrow. 

Now let’s move to the mouth. Make some teeth pointing out, remember that the teeth should be very sharp. Then make the line dividing it to be dark to tell that it is there. After that behind it, put a curved line to the cheek bone there. For the nose draw a bump on the outer line and then make a circle to fit inside it. It should be around the same area as the end of the mouth. 

Now make the jawline more refined instead of a straight line. After that we need to make the upper jaw, do this by making a large short yet wide v under the eye. Next the horns need to be drawn. This can be done in many different shapes but I am just going to use the curved cone shape. The lines should start right next to the eyebrow and go back. 

Now it’s time to start detailing. On the eyebrow do lines going out from around the eye. Then under the circle for the nose put a curved line to indicate a wrinkle. Then for the scales use circles but layer them on top of each other to look like scales. This part will take a little while. Then that should be a dragon head.