Binge Worthy Shows and Movies!!

All About Netflix

Vanessa Gonzalez, Writer

There are over 13,000 shows on Netflix right now. There would be no way anyone can watch every single one of them, one because simply a lot of people don’t like one show or one show isn’t in their language and doesn’t have translations. I’m here to help, I have 4 show and movie recommendations for you. These recommendations mostly fall under the drama category.

First one is To All The Boys Movie Trilogy, one of the best movie trilogies ever. The story is so interesting and this is one of the times where I would say that the movie is better than the book. This movie is mainly about Lara Jean’s love life. I know its one movie recommendation but the shows are just way better so i’m just going to the shows.

All American, one of the best shows even though I don’t enjoy watching football. This show is going to be like most of the shows on this list that aren’t Netflix originals so you have to wait for the whole season to come out to be on Netflix. I mainly watch this show because of how the story plays out, also the characters are the best.

Another Netflix recommendation is the show Supergirl, I know it isn’t a Netflix original but it is on Netflix so it has to be on here. This is actually a show I just finished watching recently but omg! This show has so much drama and action. The story line is insane. There are  seasons 6 but on Netflix you can only find seasons 1-5.

The next recommendation is Jane the Virgin, this show has brought the most laughs and tears any other show has. This show shows a lot of relatable characters especially Jane during the flashbacks, so many relatable things when growing up in a Mexican household. The other parts of this show are Jane’s crazy love life. Trust me, it’s crazy. That’s all I have. I hope it helps you trying to find a show!