Stop Asian Hate



Daneida Ramirez, Writer

Ever since the beginning of this pandemic there has been an increase on Asian hate crimes in the US. In the article, What you need to know about the Stop Asian Hate movement by Manas Sen Gupta it says,  “There has been an increase of 150 percent in hate crimes against Asians in the US in 2020 – more than double of 2019”. This comes to prove that due to the pandemic Asians are being blamed for something that is completely out of their control. Sayings such as “China virus” and “Kung flu” have been used throughout the pandemic to mock Asians, which is bluntly racist. Asians businesses have been struggling due to racist steryotypes against them. 

In Georgia Robert Aaron Long, a 21 year old white American, shot dead eight people in Cherokee County and Atlanta city. Six of those shot dead were Asian women. He was arrested and charged for their murder but this wasn’t considered a hate crime which is outrageous, “he was having a bad day.” said Cherokee county sheriff. In no way should someone be sympathized for the murder of eight and then excused of his actions with “he was having a bad day”. Eight families are mourning the death of those who were killed by a man who was “having a bad day”. Another incident involving a hate crime, while at a stoplight an elderly Asian woman (76) was punched in the eye. While defending herself her eyes were so swollen she struggled to see. Steven Jenkins was responsible for this and the attack on a Vietnamese American man (83). There are much more Asian hate crimes going unseen and action needs to be taken. 

It’s frustrating seeing not many people talk about this, we owe a lot to the Asian community. They introduced the world to their culture and were taking it for granted because at this moment they’re in need for help. What can be done to help out the Asian community?  Donate if possible, sign petitions, support local Asian businesses, report if you see a hate crime, support Asian authors, actors ect. It is essential to be talking about this and be spreading awareness. 

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