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Cesar Hernandez, Writer

In Nigeria there is a Islamist terrorist named Abubakar Shekau he is also the leader of Boko Haram which means  “Western Education is a sin”.  He wants to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria and wants to introduce the Sharia law.  He has done terrible things like bombing and village massacres. In 2014 he had at least 14 attacks. He had also  kidnapped 223 Christian schoolgirls and said they won’t be freed until an army of fighters from Nigerian jail cells are released. 

Ibrahim Al-Asiri who lives in Yemen wants to master plots along multiple fronts and renew efforts to target western airplanes. Ibraham is also known as the master bomb-maker. He is a former chemistry student that uses PETN in bombs. PETN is a white odorless powder that x-ray machines struggle to pick up. He has designed an underwear bomb that he used in an attempt to blow up a US bound plane in 2009. His most significant threat is teaching other people his techniques. 

 Mokhtar Belmokhtar also known as Mr. Marlboro is the leader of Al-Qaeda. He lives in Maghreb, Africa. He wants to make Al-Qaida a global terrorist movement to operate coast to coast in Africa. He recruits foreign jihadis returning from Syria so he can get new terror campaigns that are funded by the illegal  tobacco trade.  He named himself Mr Marlboro and an attack he was behind was an Algerian gas plant  where 40 hostages were killed. People also think he is responsible for an Eiffel Tower terror plot.