Threat Level Midnight

The Office

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Maddy Landers, Writer

Threat Level Midnight is one of my all time favorite Office episodes. One, Because it’s made by Michael Scott. Two, It’s loaded with  unintentional comedic behavior. It’s so utterly hilarious. In the beginning of this episode, Michael told everyone in the office that he made a new movie and he wanted everyone to watch it with him. And of course, none of the office workers want to watch it because they were so unfazed by his amazing creation. He ran to his office, shut the blinds, played depressing music, and cried. For like hours. So when Jim heard him crying. He decided to knock on his door. ¨Michael, come look in the meeting room.¨ Michael waddled out, and saw everyone sitting watching the movie, when Micheal walked in, they all started clapping for him. Michael smiled! And he sat down and cuddled with Toby. 

Master Scarn? MICHAEL SCOTT. In The Office, Michael Scott created the movie Threat Level Midnight. Probably the best ¨movie¨ i’ve ever seen in my lifetime. Basically, the gist is The Scarn (aka Michael) is a retired spy agent, and the president called him saying ¨Yo, there’s a new villain, he’s taking over the hockey stadium and captured everyone in it, we need your help Mr. Scarn.¨

 So he went to the ice skating rink. As a kid, Scarn was a hockey player! WOAH. He had to race Golden Face, which was the cute villain that Jim Halpert played. Golden Face won the race. Of course. There was one other racer and Micheal Scarn decided to kill him. He deserved it to be honest.

Scarn blew up Golden Face. YAY. And Michael saved the concession workers. ¨YOU´RE MY HERO MR SCARN!!!!!!!¨ so Scarn reported back to the president. ¨surprise Scarn. I was a villain all along.¨ and BOOM GOLDEN FACE POPPED UP FROM THE PRESIDENT’S DESK AND THEY STARTED SHOOTING SCARN AND HIS ROBOT BUTLER!! Then the movie ended and the real Michael Scott